Adding a proofing plug-in to a Navigator Harlequin RIP closes the color proofing loop, ensuring data integrity.


Navigator supports a wide variety of proofing options, including the most popular ink-jet proofers from Epson and HP. Adding a proofing plug-in to a Navigator Harlequin RIP closes the color proofing loop, ensuring data integrity. The same RIP used for proofing processes the final output to film or plate.

All Xitron Proofing Plug-ins include ColorPro, Global Graphic’s built-in color management system. ColorPro supplies a full range of color management tools, providing accuracy in color output through targets such as SWOP®, FOGRA, and Gracol®. ColorPro will also accept custom ICC profiles generated for specific needs. For a list of supported proofers, click the supported devices link on the right.

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Xitron TotalProof™ Certified Solutions for Epson 7900 and 9900 Proofers

Xitron vDot-4 supports the Epson 7900 and 9900 proofers. vDot-4, is the latest release in the popular vDot family of proofing plug-ins for Epson proofers.

The release of vDot-4 brings about a fundamental change in the way in which Xitron is approaching the proofing market for Epson printers. vDot-4 is the first plug-in that carries Xitron’s TotalProof certification. TotalProof certification provides out-of-the-box color accuracy for Gracol®,  Swop® and Fogra printing conditions.

Navigator Proofing Solutions for Epson 7900 and 9900 proofers provide:

  • Xitron TotalProof certified
  • Simple, out-of-the-box color accuracy
  • Direct support for all 11 ink cartridges in the Epson 7900 and 9900 proofer printers
  • Gracol, SWOP and Fogra compatible profiles for Xitron X1 and Epson proofing papers
  • Advanced screening specifically designed for Epson printers
  • Ability to produce proofs with the same RIP that produces plates
  • Direct integration in Navigator workflow solutions

Xitron’s vDot family of Navigator Proofing Solutions also provide support for earlier generation of Epson proofing printers including the Epson 2100, 2200, 4000, 7600, 9600, 10000, 10600; 4800, 7800, 9800; and 4880, 7880 and 9880.

Xitron’s TotalProof certification simplifies proofing by delivering high quality contract proofs meeting industry specification and process control methods. TotalProof combines the Xitron Epson proofer driver, specialized ICC profiles and Xitron X1 inkjet media to achieve outstanding results.

Navigator Proofing complements Navigator workflow solutions by using a single RIP for both proof and final output, thus improving prepress production while ensuring data integrity and delivering high quality contract proofs.

The Navigator proofing plug-in for Epson 7900/9900 proofers is an option for any Navigator Workflow or Navigator Proofing RIP version 8.0 and higher.