Full Color Capability

SilverStream Color+™, the latest technology in polyester plates, allows much tighter register work that rivals metal plate performance at a significantly lower cost.

SilverStream Color+™ is a critical component of the Printware Color+SM system that also include:

  • PlateStream Color+™, an improved polyester CTP platesetter with stricter imaging tolerances
  • Navigator GPS with the latest workflow tools to optimize production
  • The industry leading 24/7 telephone onsite technical support focused on the short run color market.

Shorter Makereadies
“Hang and run” convenience has made the PlateStream the hands-down choice of demanding printers. SilverStream plates have a forgiving ink-water balance, fast rollup, minimal fountain additives, and work with virtually any ink.

Wide Operating Latitude
An advanced formulation means wide exposure latitude over an unsurpassed screen dot range. That means rich solids and delicate highlights with less frequent calibration. Its exposure speed is closely matched to film for fast switching between film and plate. An advanced coating makes the plates scratch-resistant, and crisp image contrast means fast checking.

Eliminates Waste
Our exclusive 280' or 394' rolls minimize roll changes, and daylight-safe construction eliminates leader waste. Pre-mixed chemistry saves time and eliminates mistakes. SilverStream Color+™ plates use a minimum of chemistry per square foot, and the PlateStream’s unique area-based replenishment guarantees flawless plates with just the chemistry needed.

Guaranteed In Stock
Our Secure Supply GuaranteeSM means you never have to worry about running out. We guarantee your size will be in stock whenever you need it.

Complete System
The most advanced computer-to-plate equipment and supplies in the industry for true “hang and run” automation. PlateStream and SilverStream—made for each other.

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